Shamless Intoxicated Thanksgiving Post! (Complete with bonus prize inside!)

I am grateful for you.

Seriously, whoever you are.  If you’re reading this I’m grateful for you.  Some of you have become good friends and I have glowy heart-feels for you.  Some of you are good people I like, even though we’ve not spoken much beyond shared comments.  Some of you I don’t know at all, and I’m pretty sure that one or two of you follow my blog because you don’t like me at all.  I’m grateful for you, too right now.

It’s been a struggle, but I’m coming to a point where I like the person that I am, and all of you in some way have helped to shape me.  Oh, there are a lot of other factors, orlog and hamingja, blood ancestry, all of the other people in the world whose lives have touched mine who are not reading this… but you’re part of that.

We interrupt this rant for a bonus Love Note From Freyja:  There is someone in the world who smiles because of you, smiles spontaneously and from the heart.  You are the apple of their eye, you’re the gifted rose beneath their nose, and their world is better because you’re in it.  You may not know who they are, but they think of you when the world grows dark and cold and you brighten and warm it for them.  Never forget that. 

Unexpected, but I haven’t delivered one in a while.

I’m also grateful for this blog because it’s brought us together.  It’s apparently my one year anniversary – it feels like I’ve been Pagan Church Lady for years now.

Thank you all for being the wonderful people you are, because all of you are wonderful in some way.  Like the Lady said, you make the world better. I am grateful for you.

heart hands


Love Notes From Freyja, 11/9/15

I love you, child.  Like a drop of dew clinging to a flower, magnifying the sun’s light.  Like the cool underground river that feeds your roots.  I love you like your own blood, carrying and spreading life through you.

Like all these things there are times when you won’t feel it.  You are so immersed in my love and it in you that you do not notice its presence.  This is to remind you that even when you do not feel it, when you do not feel me, or worse, feel at odds with me, that my love for you is no less and you are not forgotten or abandoned.

rose dew

Love Notes From Freyja 10/22/15

Love yourself today.  Love yourself as you would love your partner, your beloved, your spouse, your child.  Love yourself despite (or indeed, because of) your flaws.  Love yourself in ways both gentle and stern, both soft and hard.  Give yourself that love and don’t worry about me, my love comes whether you ask for it or not.

Love Notes From Freyja 10/16/15

You are worthy.  You flail, you wander, you worry.  You look to me for approval, and I say: you are worthy.  You weep and tear and sob, and I say: you are worthy.  You wonder if you will ever be enough, and you can never not be.  You are worthy.  Worthy of love, worthy of jewels, worthy of warmth, of sex, of comfort, and sumptuous sensuality and sacred seidh.  Worthy of all I give.  Don’t forget it daughter.  You are worthy. Open your heart to receive me, and never doubt that you are worthy of my gifts, worthy of me.  -Freyja/Gefn

Love Notes From Freyja, 10/2/15

Cara Freyasdaughter of The Gold Thread passed the torch of Love Notes from Freyja on to me a little while back.  I accepted without being sure that I could do it, and worried that I wouldn’t be sufficient or up to the task.  I told her I had to wait until October began, as I was moving and undergoing a lot of upheaval.

However, when I asked the Lady this morning, She gave me one to post today and another to share in the future (I was given a specific day), so it seems like this will be a regular thing now.  The one She asked me to post today:

My heart is open to you.  Come inside and see the mirror of my love.  Come inside and swim in the sea of my love.  Come inside and drink from the well of my love.  None of these are exhausted by your use.  Come to me, come into my heart, and know.