Like many other people who do the sort of spiritual work I do, I offer spiritual services and assistance in exchange for donations.  I have exceptions – I will help someone in dire need as long as they are willing to speak well of my work if it is helpful.

If you email me about my services (lainedelaney919 @ gmail . com) I promise that I will do my best to get back to you within three days and let you know when I will provide your answers.

Spiritual services I provide:

Oracular Work/Spae:  I’ve trained in oracular trance work and practiced it for many years and continue to seek further training, improvement, and practice in my skills in that area.  I will go into a trance, and with the help of an assistant, field questions for others.  I will ask and provide answers and interpretations where necessary for three questions that you provide for me.  Note that it’s possible to ask a question about a deity without asking the deity themselves; I’ll pull the answer from the well of creation like I do with the others.

Spiritual/religious questions, love questions, fertility questions, health questions, job questions, business questions, moving questions, magic questions; all of these and more are  appropriate topics for your inquiries.

Cost: $60 USD: This is work that requires preparation, time, and effort on my part and on the part of the assistant who is helping me (I will pay them for their trouble as well).  It will eat up the better part of an afternoon or evening, and can be exhausting.

Rune Readings: I use runes for divination as well.  They’re quicker, easier to handle, and I often get more straightforward answers from them.  They aren’t good for yes-or-no questions, but are good for predicting the future and getting answers about specific situations.  Again, most of the topics listed above in under Spae are things that I’ll be happy to help with, and others.

Cost: $15 USD: It takes less time and effort than spae work but it still takes time and effort to prepare and get the best results possible.  You’re paying for my extensive experience (and my library and other sources) when you pay for a rune reading as well.

Bindrunes:  Soon I’ll be sharing a post with some potent bindrunes I’ve made over the years.  I have a facility with crafting them, a particular style with which I do it and they tend to be useful and powerful.  If you want me to craft you a bindrune for a particular situation or use, I may be able to accommodate.  Prior knowledge of runes is not required, and if you need I will provide you with suggestions on its use.

Cost: $20 USD:  Developing a bindrune for a specific purpose will generally take several hours of contemplation, meditation, communication, and finally fidgeting around with the runes to get them to find the shape that will be most effective.  It’s a labor that I love, but it is a labor nonetheless.

If you are interested, please contact me at lainedelaney919 @ gmail . com


“I highly recommend Laine’s services. She has assisted me in times of difficulty and confusion. Her kind demeanor and excellent sense of what her clients need makes even the most difficult of messages easier to bear. Laine is quite skilled at her craft and I have found her refreshing honesty to be delightful as well. 10/10” – Brythwen Sinclair


“I’ve known Laine for over 10 years now. She continually impresses me with her body of knowledge. Her connection with the divine powers and the spirits is strong, vibrant and inspiring. She continually seeks to refine her practices with good judgement and great aesthetic. She has such passion like the goddess, Freyja and continually strives to make her seidh experience helpful and magical for anyone who calls upon her. She has a good intuitive sense of the runes and has given great insight reading.”
“I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to have a divine and inspiring experience.”
James Hodur


“After a friendly, warm reception, we got straight to business. My questions were answered with precision. Laine actually misread two runes and admitted to it, which actually made me admire her more for being honest about it. Overall, a helpful reading!”

Oliver Leôn Hêrês


“Laine is a joy to work with and a gifted seeress of the highest order. Each time I’ve had a reading with her, I’ve come away knowing that I can trust what she says and what she sees. Her readings offer loving support and encouragement around whatever issue I’m dealing with at the time, and to say she’s spot-on with her assessments is quite the understatement.’

“Laine is quite skilled at going deeply into the heart of the matter; her readings are always illuminating and clarifying for me. She is trustworthy, ethical, and very easy to talk to.’

“This lady knows her stuff! And she can help you with your *stuff*, too.”

R. VC.

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