Prayer to Thor to Smite the Black Serpent

I’m not usually one to call on Thor, but having people who are trying to defend earth and water against a metaphorical poison-spewing serpent was too obvious for me.  Say this prayer and give him a gift.  Don’t worry if you’re on good terms with him or not; if he thinks it’s a good cause he will hear your petition.  I know; that’s what he told me.


Thor, defender of Midgard,

bless our earth defenders,

bless our water protectors,

with your strength,

with your might,

with your victory,

with all the power the Gods can grant.

Thor, slayer of Jormugandr,

a Black Serpent threatens Midgard with its poison.

Destroyer of serpents, wrestler of dragons, guardian and son of the Earth,

wield your hammer against those who raise the Black Serpent.

Against their materials.

Against their vehicles.

Against their technology.

Against their will.

Against their strength.

Against their weapons.

Against their hopes.

Against their bodies.

Lay them low.

Crush their Black Serpent and strike fear in the hearts of any who would come to follow them.

Hail Thor, Defender of Midgard

I’m Back

I’m going to start using this platform again.  I have things to say that will likely be too controversial for Patheos.  I have devotional poetry and prayers and invocations that I need a place to share for others to use.

Pagan Church Lady doesn’t really fit me any more, but I’m not changing the title because people follow and remember it.

So be prepared for new stuff here.  I’m back.