Closing Time


I feel that I’ve grown past this blog at this point.  The name was a tongue-in-cheek reference to being a working-class stay-at-home parent and homemaker heavily involved in a church-like Pagan organization (ADF).  I am not that person any more; I left my ex and am no longer as active in ADF.  So much has changed in my life that I look back over some of the entries and can hardly believe that I lived them or shared those experiences publicly.  I don’t want to publish under a last name I no longer feel comfortable claiming, on a blog that was created when I was a different person in a different life.

I plan on weeding through old posts and hiding or password locking a fair number of them, but for the devotional pieces and other bits that I’ve been proud of.  The more contentious writings (other than my brief series on my conflicts with Heathen identity, because people have told me that they were helpful for them) will be taken down.  I am going to continue writing on another platform, and may make another personal WordPress blog for more of my devotional pieces.

Pagan Church Lady has been a fun ride for me.  I learned the terror of being shared on Reddit and the joys of having supportive voices come out of the woodwork when feeling the struggle of religious identity (which is even less well-defined than it was previously).  I’ve made good friends through it and I’m glad of it as a vehicle of expression and interaction.  I’m not going away, but this has been a season where I’ve been putting down things that I am done with, and this is one of them.  My voice will find other places to echo.  I have my Patheos blog still (now a bit upgraded to a full blog rather than guest posting on the Agora) After all, I’m a talker, and after being silent all of these years I love and value the newfound freedom with which I speak.

Blessings to you who read, blessings to you who have read, blessings to you who have grown, blessings to you who have shared.  Thank you for making my life richer, whether I am aware of you or not.  May your Gods bless you with abundance in health, wealth, wisdom, and love, and protect you from danger and from harm.  May you find what you need, and what you want, and may the two be the same more than you expect.  May the Lady touch your lives and ignite in them passion, integrity, and hope.  Blessings, and all the best.

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