Freyja, Lady of the Flame

Fire-hearted, golden-haired, sea-eyed, jewel-lipped,

You light the fires of passion.

Wand-wise, witch woman, flame caller, curse breaker,

You light the fires of wisdom.

High Priestess, Goddess, Queen of Herself,

You light the fires of power.

Amber-teared, never ceasing, ever seeking,

You light the fires of hope.

You are the power that boils from beneath.

You are the flame that climbs the torch.

You are the heat that renders us senseless with desire.

Yours is the light, yours is the heat, yours is the sere sky, yours is the flaming torc,

And yours is the flame.

Hail Freyja, Lady of the Flame.

flame goddess

4 thoughts on “Freyja, Lady of the Flame

    • There are a lot of fire associations with Her, to the point where it’s fairly common modern shared gnosis.

      Her role as Priestess of the Sacrifice (Blotgydja) likely invovles flame, as most Indo-European cultures did use flame as part of their sacrificial rites. Though we don’t have evidence that I know of for it among Northern European folks, flame is a transformative element, and has often been used to send gifts to the Gods.

      In the Lay of Hyndla She calls down a ring of flame to surround Hyndla and protect Ottar.

      The “Brising” in Brisingamen has been translated to “fiery” or “shining”.

      And of course, fire has been associated with passion, desire, lust and sex in many cultures.

      Finally, though I personally don’t hold with Freyja-as-Gullveig, some do, so there’s that association too.

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