If we’re doing it wrong…

The Gods will let us know.  Whether by voice or withdrawing their favor or lashing out and pushing us away.  If the Gods have agency, they will make these things clear to us.  If they need humans to enforce the proper way to think, worship, and relate to them and to shake their fingers and scold them when they’re doing it wrong then they don’t have much in the way of agency, now do they?

I am reminded of Christianity in America, where the Devil lurks around every corner, subverts every mind, manipulates every politician, controls every industry… and God, the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent needs representatives to defend him.  When I hear that, it makes their God sound very weak, and their Devil sound very powerful.

You may tell me what you think of my devotion and theology and I may listen, but at the end of the day what you think of it matters not at all compared to how the Gods react to it.  Thus if you have experience I may consider your words (and I do, even the ones I find distasteful) but if the Lady and the other Powers seem to be pleased I’ll move yon wagging finger away from my face and encourage you to stick it wheresoever you like – in your own business, not mine.

TLDR: My Gods matter more to me than any human agency, because at the end of the day my relationship is with them, and not you (unless it is, and then we can talk more.  Still, put that finger away first).



6 thoughts on “If we’re doing it wrong…

  1. A woman after my own heart you are with this post – I’ve been trying to field off just this sort of finger wagging for years! I’ve never been fond of the “ur doin’t it wroong!!” bridage since they would probably also criticize some Elder Heathens for perceived waywardness if they accidentally propelled themselves back in time (which I think some of them have actually been trying to do) and were to meet some of them. Many of my Anglo-Saxon Ancestors especially, according to the archaeological record anyway, were rather dirtily and shamelessly pick n mix, syncretistic and (oh Gods the heresy!) PLURALISTIC!!! Being a self-confessed Neo-Heathen and theological deviant (I’m a Panendeist), I wrote a fake disclaimer on the Guestbook page of my blog, which basically echoes what you’re saying (only I’m not quite so polite as your good self!):http://modernfyrnsidu.blogspot.co.uk/p/disclaimer.html


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