“I’m talking about the Shining Twins!”

Silver and Gold

From Pagan Revival Tent Preacher Heather Freysdottir:

“Mah friends, I wanna talk to you about Divinity. No, not the Man Upstairs. I’m talking about the Shining Twins. I’m talking amber and honey, grain and gold. ALL acts of love. All genders. All beings. For our Lord and Lady are fruitful and They give us nourishments of all varieties. Can I get a HAIL FREYJA?? CAN I GET A HAIL FREYR??”

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One thought on ““I’m talking about the Shining Twins!”

  1. Hail the Hug-Lord…the God who fell in love with Gerd’s arms from afar! Everybody now…reach out and give Freyr a BIG OL’ HUG!

    And let’s not forget, Freyja needs a hug too…wandering the worlds looking for her husband, she needs our comfort and love, C’mon,folks…let’s give the Lady a GREAT BIG HUG!


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