Fundraising for Heimdal and Njord Cards

I have a special fondness for the Van-Father and am glad to see this project. Please contribute if you can!

Gangleri's Grove

The Freyr card has been sent off to the printer and I expect to have it ready for purchase next week. If you donated toward the card, please send me  your address so I can send you  your complimentary copies. I’m so very glad Freyr has a card! Thank you, everyone!

Now, I am hoping to raise enough to fund a card for Njord (Freyr’s Father) and a card for Heimdal. I’ve had requests for both. I need to raise $450 per card to cover the artist and printing. 

If you are interested in helping fund either of these cards, please contact me at krasskova at Alternatively, you may paypal me directly at but *please* include your email and which card you’re sponsoring in a note. paypal does not always include these things. 

Sponsors of either card will receive six prayer cards of their choice (usually i send…

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