A Cheer for Freyja

I’ve shared this before on Virtual Sessrumnir, but I don’t think I’ve put it on my blog yet.  If I have, oh well, have it again!


Hail to Freyja from Sessrumnir faring,
Sovereign Lady, your bright jewel bearing!
As you ride past all the hearts in their ribs quake,
Passion and power you trail in your wake!
Come be among us and share your bright beauty
Make laughter and lusting and good fights our duty!
We’ll follow your cat-chair past Hel’s gates if needed
our fears will be conquered when your call is heeded!

Hail Freyja, Red-Gold, Sea-Bright, Lady of the Slain!
Hail Freyja, Witch Woman, Mother of Treasures Twain!
Hail Freyja, Nine Worlds’ Desire!
Hail Freyja, Who stokes the heart-fire!
Hail Freyja, In battle and lovemaking!
Hail Freyja, In giant’s curse breaking!
Hail Freyja, On battle-boar riding!
Hail Freyja, The war-dead dividing!
Hail Freyja, Over passion presiding!


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