Strong Roots and Wide Branches Today

So, short notice, but the Strong Roots and Wide Branches class is today!  Here is the info, straight from River Devora who runs the class.  I highly recommend joining this group, it’s a fantastic experience.  If you can’t make it this month, touch base with her about joining next, but this looks like an awesome class this week, so jump in if you can!


“There are many ways to be in communication with Gods, Ancestors, the dead, the land, the various fae beings, and others. Some of that communication may be casual, some forms very formal. Included in these different types of communication is prayer, oracle/divination, inspiration, dreams, devotional acts, different types of mediumship, and other types. We may meditate to receive messages, sing, dance, speak formal or informal heart-felt words, toss coins, journey to other places to meet up with beings there, and many other techniques. In this first class, we will discuss the different forms of communication with different types of beings, with an eye towards what types of communication styles and methods are best for what circumstances. This class will lead us into future classes where we’ll get into more detail about all of these things individually, but we’ll start with some general conversation about communication.

“As always, no specific background is required for participating in this class discussion. All of our classes are drop-in, and all who are interested in engaging in polytheist discussion with other polytheist minded folks are welcome! Feel free to pass this class announcement to others!

“Classes are $10-25 sliding scale. When you pay for the class, you will receive my address if you are coming in person (unless you’re paying in cash, in which case ping me privately and I’ll send you my address). If you are attending online, PLEASE be sure to tell me what is the best way to send you a URL (either give me your email address or tell me to PM you on Facebook). The way Zoom works is that as soon as I start the class (which I will at1:30 to give folks a chance to log in), I will need to send you a link for you to use to log into the class. I cannot send a link before 1:30 on Sunday, as the meeting will not have started before that.

“To pay for the class, you can send a single payment via PayPal to Paying for the class in cash is only available if you are attending in person. Some limited worktrade is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact me privately if you have questions or concerns.”


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