Modern Ancestors

Those who I know who walk these paths and ones parallel will receive appropriate treatment.  Fellow Pagans and Polytheists who I have a connection to or respect will have their names recited at rites, offerings poured to them, blessings given to them, aid asked for from them.  They will be introduced to those I meet, and their words relayed, whenever possible and with care and context.  They will be fed and celebrated and remembered, prayed for and reached out to.  Death will not separate us from them.

I have seen the Dead empowered, and it is a wondeful thing.  I don’t know if I will formalize this with an oath, and I don’t know if we can or should create a roll of the dead from among our communities, but this is a commitment I want to make.  If we want our traditions to continue and have meaning, we have to offer their roots.

I will consider making it or similar words an oath, based on the Lady’s guidance and that of the Ancestors.  All of us should be honored after death in a way that strengthens our spirits and helps us find the guidance to the realms we belong in.


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