Challenge 20: Hold very, very still for a ‘long’ time

This is a really important and valuable challenge. It’s the most basic form of meditation, and even if you do nothing else, this kind of mindfulness can be really powerful. 30 minutes is something I’d still qualify as a long time; 15-20 do it for me but then I do try and do this every day. I call it “flossing my mind”.

The Challenge

Most of my previous challenges required work on your part. Not any unreasonable amount of work, but at least some time, some thought, and some action. A few might have been simple and fast.  Perhaps one or two inspired more activity than was strictly requested.  On average, over the last 20 weeks, you and I have been busy, busy, busy.

It seems appropriate, then, that one challenge should break the pattern. This week, I’m asking you to do nothing. I don’t mean literally do nothing all week!  For a short period – but still long enough to be significant – try doing nothing at all.  I don’t mean sleeping or even resting. I certainly don’t mean listening to music, watching TV, or anything else you might do to relax. No playing. No daydreaming. No sitting idle, making lists or counting down the seconds.  Set a timer, find somewhere comfortable to sit…

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