Shamless Intoxicated Thanksgiving Post! (Complete with bonus prize inside!)

I am grateful for you.

Seriously, whoever you are.  If you’re reading this I’m grateful for you.  Some of you have become good friends and I have glowy heart-feels for you.  Some of you are good people I like, even though we’ve not spoken much beyond shared comments.  Some of you I don’t know at all, and I’m pretty sure that one or two of you follow my blog because you don’t like me at all.  I’m grateful for you, too right now.

It’s been a struggle, but I’m coming to a point where I like the person that I am, and all of you in some way have helped to shape me.  Oh, there are a lot of other factors, orlog and hamingja, blood ancestry, all of the other people in the world whose lives have touched mine who are not reading this… but you’re part of that.

We interrupt this rant for a bonus Love Note From Freyja:  There is someone in the world who smiles because of you, smiles spontaneously and from the heart.  You are the apple of their eye, you’re the gifted rose beneath their nose, and their world is better because you’re in it.  You may not know who they are, but they think of you when the world grows dark and cold and you brighten and warm it for them.  Never forget that. 

Unexpected, but I haven’t delivered one in a while.

I’m also grateful for this blog because it’s brought us together.  It’s apparently my one year anniversary – it feels like I’ve been Pagan Church Lady for years now.

Thank you all for being the wonderful people you are, because all of you are wonderful in some way.  Like the Lady said, you make the world better. I am grateful for you.

heart hands


My Latest Article…

… on Patheos.  It’s about the Old Man, Mr. Red Right Hand, Allfather Odhinn.  Most of my readers are likely to be pretty familiar with him already, but I’m writing these Divine Profile pieces on Patheos out of love for the Gods, to introduce them to audiences who may not know them as well.  I hope they succeed at that.

Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my readers!  I am grateful for every one of you who reads and comments, and helps build our bizarre little web of mutual awareness in the modern age, whether I know you personally or only by chosen online monikers.  Thank you for reading, thank you for your writings, and thank you for sharing your world with me in whatever way you do.

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Elder Transphobia

I thank Pagan Activist for their words on this day of mourning.

Pagan Activist

First let me apologize for my long absence from this site. I really have no excuse. I’ve let time get away from me or something. Perhaps practicing some of that self-care that I talk so much about is something that I need to be doing. Anywhoo…


Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. A day to remember all of those who have fought hard for the cause of trans rights, equality, and even simple recognition. A day to honor the memory of those who have fought and died, those who have been murdered, and those who have been straight-washed out of trans history. This is a day that saddens me and gladdens me. It saddens me to think of the countless lives that have been lost, shattered, and forgotten. It gladdens me that for so many years the LGBTQIA-etc community has been banding together, to extent or another…

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Modern Ancestors

Those who I know who walk these paths and ones parallel will receive appropriate treatment.  Fellow Pagans and Polytheists who I have a connection to or respect will have their names recited at rites, offerings poured to them, blessings given to them, aid asked for from them.  They will be introduced to those I meet, and their words relayed, whenever possible and with care and context.  They will be fed and celebrated and remembered, prayed for and reached out to.  Death will not separate us from them.

I have seen the Dead empowered, and it is a wondeful thing.  I don’t know if I will formalize this with an oath, and I don’t know if we can or should create a roll of the dead from among our communities, but this is a commitment I want to make.  If we want our traditions to continue and have meaning, we have to offer their roots.

I will consider making it or similar words an oath, based on the Lady’s guidance and that of the Ancestors.  All of us should be honored after death in a way that strengthens our spirits and helps us find the guidance to the realms we belong in.

People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All

Not what it sounds like from the title, and well-needed words. Brava!

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew

I’m seeing a ton of vitriolic comments all over Facebook, Twitter and other social sites about how we need to “stop being PC” and really address the terrorist issue by “really talking about what’s happening” without “censoring ourselves” to make everybody else comfortable.

As a Christian Pastor, I tend to raise an eyebrow at this. Not because of the lack of PC-ness, but because of the repressed anger I’m seeing. Yet this lack of PC discourse seems to be what people need right now. So okay. If that’s what everyone thinks will help — I’ll go there. As a Christian Pastor, and as a white American female, I’ll dump my PC filter and say it like it is in an effort to help us all heal. That seems to be what everyone is calling for.

So here it is.

America, you’ve gone yellow.

You’ve gone from a dignified nation who…

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For Shame? For Shame!

The recent wash of transphobia through the Pagan community has made my bubble of safety even smaller.  I have a few things to say about it, as you might imagine.

People discounting this as “just a complex social issue” aren’t taking into account the words that are being used.  The petition that prominent Pagan Elders (and their supporters) have signed calls out trans women as dangerous and deluded.  It feeds directly into the second-wave feminist viewpoint of transgender women being men who medically alter their bodies to sneak into womens’ spaces and rape them.

The language used in that petition is as much a legitimization for violence as it is a call for separation.  It paints myself and people like me as dangerous, delusional, violent lunatics.  This is not just “someones’ opinion” – this is an attack.  I am not a rapist, I am only dangerous in that I like challenging peoples’ ideas (and not even really about gender) and if I’m delusional, it’s never harmed anymore, much less myself.  Making these generalizations about trans women includes me.

If you are willing to use the authority and respect gained by being an acknowledged Elder in the Pagan community to spread this message, then you are encouraging an extant culture in which actual physical violence against me and people like me is overlooked, ignored, and encouraged.  You are using your weight as an Elder to encourage people to think of me and people like me as dangerous, delusional, violent molesters.  You are using the power granted you by virtue of the fact that people trust your words and look up to legitimize violence against people like me.

And then you have the nerve to complain when people like me speak out against your words.

I have no problem speaking out against and even shaming people who use their authority to encourage people to spread lies that will make the world less safe for me and my kin.  I think people should be ashamed of spreading lies that encourage violence and separation against a group that already faces enough problems with violence.  Far too often we die by someones’ hand, either our own because we’re told we have no place in this world, or others’ because they’re told that we’re acceptable targets.

Trans people, and especially trans women, are acceptable targets still.  If this had been a petition that used the same language against people of color or gay folks then no one would be calling them out for shaming them.  Instead we have members of our own community rallying to their side, speaking out against those of us who are crying out in pain and fear, telling us that we should keep quiet, keep our heads down, and listen to the Elders that encourage violence against us, apparently out of love and  compassion.  We are still acceptable targets, and those very same lies that are being told about us have (and in some cases still are) been used against the other (sometimes overlapping) minorities mentioned above.

Call me out on shaming people who use the trust that others have in them to add public support to a campaign that legitimizes violence against me, and I’ll call you out as well.  You should be ashamed, whether you’re supporting this petition or those who sign it without thought of consequence to real, living human beings like me who I guarantee you aren’t lying, insane, violent rapists and monsters.  You should be ashamed, you who preach tolerance of human variety, in making one of the few cultural spaces that are even somewhat safe for us less so.

That is making war on (like, as in, actual violent war) myself and my people, and that is not something that I’m going to meekly bow and turn the other cheek to.

Love Notes From Freyja, 11/9/15

I love you, child.  Like a drop of dew clinging to a flower, magnifying the sun’s light.  Like the cool underground river that feeds your roots.  I love you like your own blood, carrying and spreading life through you.

Like all these things there are times when you won’t feel it.  You are so immersed in my love and it in you that you do not notice its presence.  This is to remind you that even when you do not feel it, when you do not feel me, or worse, feel at odds with me, that my love for you is no less and you are not forgotten or abandoned.

rose dew

So You Want to Honor The Trans Dead?

This is an important practice – I’m not sure how to reconcile it with the fact that I won’t be at home on the 20th or in my home town, but I’m going to work to find a way to do it anyway.

I love the signature also, Love and Rage. When people have asked me how I survive as a trans person I often reply with something equivalent to “a careful balance of love and rage.”


The Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation: An Open Letter to the Curious

By Alder Night

Hello, friends! I’m so excited that you’re interested in the Elevation! It’s coming up really soon, and we’d love for you to be involved.

Essentially, the Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation (or Trans Rite of Elevation – TRoE for short) is a collaborative nine-day ancestor elevation ritual, styled after rituals in the Espiritismo Cruzada (Blended Spiritism) tradition, which is open. It originated as the brainchild of a small group of trans spirit-workers, myself included, at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in the summer of 2014. The thought was, the trans dead, trans women of color in particular, are a “uniquely traumatized group of spirits who often” die in awful and painful ways after dealing with a lifetime of people trying to deny their humanity. That kind of pain and rage and shame and trauma

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Invocation to Freyja, Lady of Passion and Power

Hail to Freyja,

Lady of Passion, Lady of Power.


Hail to Freyja, cat-chariot riding!

Hail to Freyja, in passion abiding!

Hail to Freyja, in red-gold lust screaming!

Hail to Freyja, in deep seidh-trance dreaming!

Hail to Freyja, on falcon wings flying!

Hail to Freyja, on Dwarven bed sighing!

Hail to Mardoll, in brightness and beauty!

Hail Blotgydja, in Her sacred duty!

Hail to Freyja, in passion and power!

Hail to Freyja, bright Vanaheim’s flower!


Hail, Freyja, Vanadis, and be welcome!