Strong Roots and Wide Branches – Inner Work

Tomorrow is the Strong Roots and Wide Branches class, a group class/discussion for polytheist folk trying to develop and grow within a polytheist identity, lead by River Devora.  All sorts of people of many different traditions attend; it’s quite a diverse crowd.  I’ve come to look forward to it every month and was quite disappointed that we had to cancel last month.

It’s a for-pay class but River works on a sliding scale and well worth the $10-$25 dollars for it.

This month’s subject is Inner Work.  From the class description (shared here in case you don’t have Facebook):

In this next class, we will look at “inner work”, sometimes called personal healing work, recovery, personal elevation work, spiritual or emotional self care, and by many other names. Inner work is the work we do to know ourselves, heal ourselves, get centered, embody our beliefs, and how we work on getting better at all that. There are endless numbers of ways to do this work, frame this work, and to maintain this work. We will be looking at the place of inner work in polytheist traditions: how this work may be important and useful, how this work differs from devotional work, how it supports religious and devotional practices to engage in this kind of personal work, and how personal work may be appropriately supported within a larger religious framework. Everyone wraps this stuff up differently, and each individual person will have different needs and interests around inner work. But frequently I have seen folks doing inner work and claiming it to be religious, or doing religious or spiritual work instead of working on their own personal issues, and there can be problems arising in either direction. We’ll be looking at how to find a healthy and harmonious balance between doing inner work and doing devotional or religious practices.

As always, no specific background is required for participating in this class discussion. All of our classes are drop-in, and all who are interested in engaging in polytheist discussion with other polytheist minded folks are welcome!

If you are attending in person and you have a laptop, please consider bringing it (it’s fine if you do not).

Classes are $10-25 sliding scale. When you pay for the class, you will receive my address if you are coming in person. If you are attending online, PLEASE be sure to tell me what is the best way to send you a URL (either give me your email address or tell me to PM you on Facebook). The way Zoom works is that as soon as I start the class (which I will at 1:30 to give folks a chance to log in), I will need to send you a link for you to use to log into the class. I cannot send a link before 1:30 on Sunday, as the meeting will not have started before that.

To pay for the class, you can send a single payment to If you would rather pay in cash, this option is only available if you are attending in person. Please contact me privately. Some limited worktrade is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but only for in-person classes. Please contact me privately if you have questions or concerns. And please feel free to let others know about this class!

I cannot emphasize enough what a positive experience this has been.  Please consider joining – not only will you learn a lot, but your input will be very helpful!


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