Love Notes From Freyja, 10/2/15

Cara Freyasdaughter of The Gold Thread passed the torch of Love Notes from Freyja on to me a little while back.  I accepted without being sure that I could do it, and worried that I wouldn’t be sufficient or up to the task.  I told her I had to wait until October began, as I was moving and undergoing a lot of upheaval.

However, when I asked the Lady this morning, She gave me one to post today and another to share in the future (I was given a specific day), so it seems like this will be a regular thing now.  The one She asked me to post today:

My heart is open to you.  Come inside and see the mirror of my love.  Come inside and swim in the sea of my love.  Come inside and drink from the well of my love.  None of these are exhausted by your use.  Come to me, come into my heart, and know.


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