Fear of Freyja

Due to recent experiences of mine and other people that I know I’ve been thinking about this. I posted this to my Tumblr and the Facebook group for Freyja devotees (Virtual Sessrumnir).  Let me know your thoughts if you know the Lady (or maybe if you don’t and there’s a reason for that).  Also, as a special tip to Freyjasfolk, check out the amazing devotional necklace for Freyja, named Rose Warrior, that Seb Lokason has made. Get it quick, and if you really like me get it for me, my birthday is coming up 😉

After I was drawn into Her embrace more directly this year and while I was still bright-eyed and bedazzled, I had a series of experiences that felt like the Lady showing me aspects of Herself that I wasn’t so comfortable with. Lady of the Slain, a Goddess of Death, a Goddess who values tears regardless of their reason (though She may weep alongside you), a Goddess of passion and all that entails, even the bloody and terrifying.

As a Goddess of death, she’s helped me to deal with my fear of speaking to the dead and honoring the Ancestors. As a Goddess of conflict she’s taught me to be proud of the battles that I fight every day. As a Goddess of passion, she’s taught me to fan the flames of my own passions and not reject them, even if they make me uncomfortable (though I suspect I’m a work in progress there – it’s those things that get me in the most arguments with Her).

So many people just see the brightness, and how can you not? She’s the desire of the Nine Worlds and bears the brightest jewel. She is Power and Passion and Beauty and Strength and Magic (and cats, of course, always cats). So bedazzled are folks by her most obvious aspects that they often fail to see what some might call her darker side. I don’t like that kind of false binary distinction, so I simply consider those parts of her the aspects that I am less comfortable with because of the cultures that I was raised in.

They are there nevertheless, and She would not be as powerful and complex and admirable a Goddess were She without them. They are part and parcel of the whole of Her, discomfiting and frightening though they may be even (or perhaps especially) to those who love Her.

So I’ll ask you: what are the aspects of Freyja that make you uncomfortable? What things does she embody that make you step back or shy away? What parts make you nervous? (They won’t all be the same aspects; for instance I know people who are very uncomfortable with Her uncompromising sexuality, and anti-capitalists that are put off by her role as a Goddess of wealth and gold). Has She ever frightened you? Has She forced you to face and deal with those parts of Her? If so, how did you react and what did you learn from the experience?


11 thoughts on “Fear of Freyja

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    To answer the question of “what are the aspects of Freyja that make you uncomfortable? What things does she embody that make you step back or shy away? What parts make you nervous?” – for the longest time it was her passion, and the way she searched the Nine Worlds weeping for her lost beloved Odr. Until I met D, I had no idea what it was like to love like that, where you would give up everything to be with your beloved and it would rip your soul apart to be separated from them. I am a pretty cerebral person and emotions are sticky and messy and complicated for me, but when I found D, I was finally able to understand that side of Freyja. I was always OK with her sexuality, her badassery, her connections to death, her connections to wealth and gold, but it was the love part that used to scare the shit out of me. Which seems so silly now, in hindsight.

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  2. Well I’ve never had more than a few short,curt, conversations with her. In my experience Her and Sif are friend-competitors and as Sif’s friend I really only stay around Her (or Loki) when I travel to Asgard. But what I find uncomfortable about Freya, from like the three encounters I’ve had, is that I feel I have to act a certain way around Her. Like very “yes mam” rather than how I am with Sif. If I were to say “yes mam” to Sif She’d probably punch me and be like “bitch did I offend you? How dare you call me mam?” Lol. But no, to me Freya seems very formal and beautifully distant and so I haven’t really connected with Her. Not that I’m not willing to, I mean I talk to Frigg who is very “CALL ME QUEEN,” so I could get used to it with Freya. But I don’t know if it’s because I’m Sif’s person or what but she has never shown me the lovey-dovey side yet. And I don’t know I guess since everybody always talks about how “free hugs” she is I thought She’d be like that. But lol Goddesses do what they like. XD

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    • That’s really fascinating! I’m the opposite way with Her – she likes some formal acknowledgement of her awesomeness, but it’s all right for me to address her informally, too. However, I’ve seen and heard of the other side of her too – when I carried her for a possessory trance right she was very curt and warders (as opposed to the other Gods and attendees), and other people have had that experience with Her as well. Maybe it’s all in how they see you or relate to you. I don’t have any experience with Sif, but I’ve had similar responses from some other deities that I’ve approached, and they were never ones that I ended up working with closely or long-term.

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  3. I suspect the part of her that I’m afraid of the most is anything to do with self-love, to the point that I have been avoiding doing work of that kind with her, but that has more to do with me than her.

    Also, she may be flirty and is light-hearted around me, but I have the feeling that if you try and “control” her for a lack of a better word, she will turn her fury on you fairly quickly.


    • Self love can definitely be an intimidating thing to cultivate!

      Out of curiosity, why would you try and control a Goddess? I can’t think of single deity that would “like” to be controlled, but Freyja is definitely resistant to things like that. Her rage in Thrymskvida when the Aesir try to marry her to a Jotun is legendary, and frightens the other Gods into trying to concoct a plan B. 🙂

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  4. I think… Her uncompromising pride in being Herself is what makes me nervous. I admire that most because I need to be that so much in my life, particularly now as I learn my own autism and talk to my parents about it. Hmm. Tied to that is Her own adoration for HER body and how much joy She has in Herself and Her physicality. That makes me skittish because I desire to be the same.

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  5. Feeling love is the hardest part to cope with. The sexuality, the death, all that and more never phased me. But really and truely feeling that vulnerable part in my heart get warm is absolutely terrifying for me. Her lessons in that regard have made me cry more than ever before. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 years and have only actually just started letting him in my heart, in the last year or so. Thanks to Her help. But I flail and kick and scream with the lessons because, nope. This vulnerable, open and needy feelings that come through are paralyzing.

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  6. oh boy. where do i start the list? (and i think that there were hands moving behind the scenes on this matter today. just a gut feeling.) her fearless sexuality terrifies me. i, however, have issues with my sexuality for many complicated reasons. her radiant beauty makes me uneasy, especially when she focuses attention on me. i know that is forcing me to look at my self worth issues. (and boy does she push me on those issues, along with a laundry list of deities and my ancestors. might be a major flaw of mine. >.>) her rage scares me almost as much as her kindness. i think it is rational to be afraid of a deity when they’re furious, even if that fury isn’t directed at you. but fearing kindness… i know it is a reflection of some unhealthy mental issues i have. she, Freyr, and Loki are all helping me … deal with it.

    there’s a lot about her that makes me want to run and hide. but, i’ve been told i’m not allowed to run and hide anymore. i don’t know what means for the future, but if nothing else it will be interesting.

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  7. when Freya entered into my life the thing that really made me the most uncomfortable was the sexual/sex positive part of her. With the sexual abuse I suffered through as a kid and the today’s society with its abstinence push I was very uncomfortable with it. She forced me (and still forces me) to look that part of her right in the eye (so to speak). It’s helped me a great deal in becoming more sex positive and really look at that aspect in myself in a positive light.

    Still a work in progress.


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