Love Notes from Freya: Passing the Torch

Thank you, Cara. I hope that I’m a suitable replacement. I know that my experiences with the Lady tend towards her more passionate and fiery side, but I’m hoping that this will help me open a channel to her more deeply compassionate, beautiful, loving aspects as well. I hope that I can serve admirably in your stead while you get the healing that you need. My plan is to begin the work October 1st (after I’ve settled in from the move), but if I know Freyja it will start when She wants it to.

Silver and Gold

With my recent change in status vis and vis Freya, I’ve decided it would be best to pass on the “Love Notes” project. Laine of Pagan Church Lady has agreed to take on the immense task of channeling these love notes whenever she gets the bandwidth to do so. It’s a big project, which can have some unexpected side effects. I’ve had some great experiences channeling these notes, and this has helped me get ready to take on seidh duties sometime in the future. (I may take them back on again once Freya returns, but there are no guarantees. She may have me working on a different task then.) In the meantime, please wish Laine the best of luck in her new role!

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