30 Days for Freyr – Day III

Hail Freyr, good God!

Veiled Witch's Mirror

Hail Freyr, he who pushes me towards self acceptance and excellence.
Hail Freyr, he who provides for our needs through his blessing and sacrifice.
Hail Freyr, the joy of Gerda and Freyja.
Hail Freyr, the bountiful giver.
Hail Freyr, the son of Njord and Nerthus, of Sea and Earth.
Hail Freyr, beloved of the Æsir and the Vanir.
Hail Freyr, of the wheat gold hair and shining smile.
Hail Freyr, the keeper of Gullinbursti.
Hail Freyr, the god of the World.
Hail Freyr, he who walks Hel’s road and returns from that distant land.

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