Pagan Church Lady is Relocating!

So, those of you who have been following this blog for a while are probably aware of the tumultuous life changes that I’ve been experiencing.  Leaving a toxic relationship, moving back in with family, trying to find a new place in the world… the last six months have been some of the wildest and at times, darkest, months of my life.

Well, I received an invitation from a dear friend who lives in San Diego to move in with him until I get my feet under me and can stand on my own.  I’ve never been to San Diego; I’ve never been west of Ohio in the United States.  Looking at a map the other day I realized that I was travelling just about as far away from Western New York as I could without leaving the continental US.  I’m grateful for the assistance, excited and terrified of the major changes, hurting for all of the loved ones I’ll be leaving behind, glowing for all of the loved ones I’ll make when I move.

I’m glad; I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this, and not a single one has had anything bad to say about San Diego.  Although I’d love to be closer to the Bay Area because of the queer mecca that it is and the awesome Heathen and Pagan groups in the area, I’m also glad that the place I’ll be moving to comes so very highly recommended.  I can’t wait!

Given the lack of funds that I’m experiencing, I’ve decided to do publicly what I’ve only done privately before and set out my shingle for oracular work as is not uncommon in our communities.  I’m trained in and have practiced oracular trance work (seidh if you like, as it’s Norse-flavored) for individuals and communities for the last few years.  I’ve always had good results and responses.  I will provide answers to three questions for each individual who signs up in a limited session.  As is common, the sessions will be offline and questions asked and answers provided by email; having Skype open for a full online setting would be a bit distracting.  I may be open to it in the future, but for now I’ll stick with what works.

I’ll be charging $30 for three questions.  The whole kit-and-kaboodle will take the better part of an afternoon or evening for me, so I’ll be paying my assistant for their time, and pay for good offerings to give the powers, and  saving what’s left over for my personal funds for support and travel.

In addition, I’ll perform rune readings for $15.  I’ll be charging less for those because they take less time and materials and I don’t need a friend to help.  They will likewise be three questions and three answers provided, unless the runes provide more information to pass on.

Also, for people who are trans or otherwise gender variant I will provide a discount, as I know first hand how difficult it is for us to find employment and resources and I believe that it is in the spirit of the promise that I made to the rest of my community.

I also have a good hand at creating and designing bindrunes.  If there is one that you would like for a particular purpose, contact me and we can work something out.  I’m not going to set a particular price for this; it depends on the size and nature of the project.

So if you’re interested, contact me about any of the above.  If you’re not and willing to help, please read through my gofundme request and give what you can; I will greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.  If you’re strapped for cash and don’t need divination, share my request and announcement if you can; I promise I’ll do the same for you when the situation arises.

I feel that this move will herald a new and beneficial chapter in my life.  I’m a person who believes strongly that good fortune exists to be shared, and I will happily share what fortune comes to me in my new home with those who need it and will benefit from it, and with family and loved ones.  Maybe some of you will be among that number in the future; I hope so!


15 thoughts on “Pagan Church Lady is Relocating!

  1. While I feel you on the desirability of the Bay Area, San Diego is a great city with outstanding Pagan, Queer, and Queer Pagan communities, for both civilians and military personnel alike! Blessings to you as you write this exciting new chapter in your life! (And kudos to you for exiting an unhealthy relationship situation; Venus Retrograde is good for something!)

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  2. I *highly* recommend Laine’s work. She is really fantastic and has helped me with some major issues. (I am also reblogging this post to make more people aware of the awesomeness that is Laine’s skill set.)

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