Mid-Week Pause (Personal Stuff)

So I’m taking a brief break halfway through Sirius Rising, and visiting with family who live close by and have a private shower and the Internet.  Sirius is always a powerful experience of one variety or another for me; and usually for the better.  This week has been no exception; it feels like a bit of closure.  Given that I’ve confirmed that I’m moving to San Diego in (wow, precisely) two months with the goal of starting a new and hopefully better chapter in my life, I’ve been seeing all of the folks that I missed last year and don’t know when I’ll see again.   I’m feeling a lot of bittersweet and melancholy.

There are a lot of good things too.  There has been a lot of activity for people like myself who like a lot of Norsiness.  Diana Paxson is teaching a week-long class on possessory trance, Patricia Lafaylve is there with yonder Travelling Ve of Freyja and had a great discussion workshop regarding religion, morality, and ethics on Tuesday.  There has been a lot of laughter and smiles and sharing and stories and rituals and magick all the things that I get out of this festival, and there have been ample reminders that I share the festival with people who don’t share those reasons, and that it’s important to respect their reasons for being there as well.

(Other update of note: there are at least three Freyaswomen at the possessory trance workshop.  Two of us have been waffling about whether we wish to bring Freyja to the party at the end of the week, and tonight was the night that we had to make a decision.  Tonight is also the night that I was given a gorgeous amber pendant that I don’t remember ever seeing before that belonged to my dead sister (who also had a strong association with Freyja).  The Lady has spoken – after I got it we just looked at each other and said “We’re actually doing this, aren’t we?!”)

My Brisingamen

(Aforementioned pendant belonging to Rose, passed on to me.)


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