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I just realized that I haven’t shared anything but a few re-blogs since my Wellspring post.  There’s some original material that I’ve been working on that’ll be out soon, but it will be a few days from now as I’ve a Sumbel to run in Freyja’s honor tomorrow and that’s been taking up much of my attention.

I follow the scribblings of a great many bloggers, but I thought I’d take a minute to share some of the ones I love the most.  Some are well-known and established, and some are new and super-promising.  I apologize if yours hasn’t made it on to my page, and if you’d like me to do a review for you I’d be happy to if you contact me.

Oldies but goodies:

These are blogs that I’ve been frequenting for years or are long-term and well-established.  They are places that I can always go back to for wisdom, knowledge, and entertainment.

The Twisted Rope: Although I’ve never been closely tied to the Kemetic movement, I’ve loved and honored Iset (Isis) for many years feel some connection and sympathy with them.  I like the Kemetics and their generally peaceful and respectful attitudes; and a lot of what I like about them seems to come from or been inspired by Devo’s writings.  It is full of broadly-applicable wisdom, approachable, and a treasure trove of information both practical and spiritual, no matter what brand of Paganism or Polytheism you practice I cannot recommend it enough.

Gangleri’s Grove: Few people polarize us PolyPagany folk like Galina Krasskova.  Like her or not, one thing no one can argue with is that she is devoted to to her Gods in a way that few other are.  I am fond of her acerbic wit, her strength of purpose, and her unwavering loyalty to those who she honors.  Her Pagan Prayer Card Project is very similar to something that I had planned on doing once I came into enough money to fund it and I think that it is a thing that is much needed in our world and time.  She’s also an impressive liturgist and composer of prayers.

Freya: The Gold Thread: Cara Freyasdaughter’s blog is the first place that I came along the writings of another Freyaswoman.  She shares her “Love Notes From Freya” regularly, and they always seem to be what I need when I need them, and I’m not the only person who has observed this.  If you’ve ever had Freya cross your path or touch your life, please give it a chance.  If you haven’t, do so anyway – Our Lady gets around and you never know what might happen as a result.

Veiled Witch’s Mirror: This is a blog that belongs to a good friend of mine.  Deb is both a polytheistic Pagan and a Filianist, and her blog is filled with a uniquely-flavored blend of the two.  She discusses a wide range of topics from spiritual and magical technique to covering as a modern woman and more.  There are doors to fascinating worlds as well as down-to-Earth wisdom to be found here.

New and Shiny:

These are a mixture of blogs that are new in general, and ones that are new to me in specific (in other words I haven’t had time to properly obsess over and read all their posts).

Rune Lore For All!:  A promising new blog by James Hodur (yes, his actual last name; I know his father), an Odinson that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for many years now.  It’s a bit bare-bones currently, but the information within is gold.  Jim has a special connection to the runes that I’ll admit I was jealous of at first but have come to admire deeply.

Lofn’s Bard: ZOMG, this blog is awesome.  Sorry, fangirling here – I found it late one night and was in tears at seeing pretty much a whole blog and an impressive body of work devoted to Frigga’s handmaidens, who hold a special place in my heart.  If you don’t read anything else on this site, read Gefion’s story, but really – read everything on this site.  She is indeed an impressive bard.

In The Desert of Seth:  A fascinating blog by the thoughtful and well-spoken G. B. Marian.  This blog is devoted to his … devotion to Seth and the small and unique tradition that he and his friends have created.  His writings contain an even mixture of devotional discussion (including very insightful pop-culture analysis) and his other interests, and his style is pleasant, accessible, and friendly.

The Challenge: A Weekly Appeal to Our Better Natures: Last but in no way least.  It’s a new blog from my dear friend Nathan Large, who intends to issue weekly challenges to his readers (I’ll probably be reblogging a few of them).  Nathan is probably the best human being I know, and has been a devoted friend and moral touchstone for me for many years.  I’m incredibly excited to see how the Challenge will play out!


8 thoughts on “Some Favorite Blogs – Laine’s Good Reads

  1. Thank you so much, Laine! It makes me very happy for the message and the link to my blog. Like the cosmic seed in Hagalaz, my blog contains all potentiality of the universe and my hope and that it will become a resource for all people whether you are heathen or not.

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  2. Thank you for the mention and the very kind words. It’s interesting to be listed in such company, since I’m trying to be agnostic and pragmatic in The Challenge. There certainly is a spiritual dimension for me, but I’m trying not to advocate any specific viewpoint. We’ll see how long that lasts.


    • Well, these are the blogs that I follow and am interested in sharing. I didn’t share them in any particular category, but most of my blog reading is Pagany stuff. *shrugs* I wasn’t trying to make your blog Pagan by association, just share it because it’s an interesting project that I am sure is will be of benefit to those who engage it.


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