“Strong Roots/Wide Branches” online class for Polytheists: Spiritual hygiene, spiritual protection, and setting space

You still have a little time to sign up for this class – I’ll be taking it myself and doing a little reporting on it here! Even if you miss it, there will be more in the series.

Silver and Gold

My friend River’s next Polytheist Basics class is this coming Sunday. All are welcome to join. The class is held simultaneously online and in person and lasts for three hours with one short break. River asks for a minimum $10 donation to help pay for costs (though for the first class you may be able to work out a reduced rate or a trade; you will need to contact her directly).The next class’s description is below:

Our next class is a continuation of our intro to “woo” from a polytheist perspective, and specifically where woo fits into polytheism, where it doesn’t, how it’s distinct, and an intro to some basic skills and concepts that may be useful in polytheist practice. In this class, we’ll begin to cover subjects such as spiritual hygiene, spiritual protection, and setting space ritually for devotional work.

“Woo” is a silly but useful term that vaguely…

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