Love notes from Freya, 6/7/15

I already know this, it is already written in my heart if not in those words. I’m sure that there are readers who will benefit from this too.

Silver and Gold

Checked in with Freya this evening for a Love Note, as it has been a couple of days since my last one. Instead, I received a nice little energy reweaving, and this message:

Tell them:

There is no road I cannot walk. No path I cannot follow.
No heart I cannot find. No trouble I cannot endure.

(For I have endured much trauma and turmoil already; such has been my fate.)

Come to me in your disillusionment, your anger, and your shame.
Offer these to me, and I will take them away.

Call to me when you find yourself shattered on the floor
and blood and tears your only witnesses–
when your pride and heart and bones are broken
call to me, and I will come.

Call to me in your fear and your loneliness.
Or call to me in your hope and your joy.
Either way, I will come…

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