Mercury Retrograde Experiment – Reverse the Polarity, Cap’n!

Veering a little bit from my recent posts on Heathenry and devotional polytheism here; I am still a dirty witch.  As you may have gathered from previous posts, I’ve got a passing fondness for Planetary magic, something left over from my High Ceremonial days that I cling to because of its absolute utility and accessibility.  Of course I don’t follow what’s in the books verbatim (this is me, after all – I can’t make a recipe for the first time without adding to it!) and since beginning to revisit the Olympians from the point of view of a polytheist, my style has changed a lot even if the trappings haven’t.  I intend to do a post regarding good relations with these entities from a Polytheist standpoint, but that’s not what is being covered here.

For this one, I wanted to share a trick I’d learned to cope with Mercury Retrogradeness.  It seems to be working fairly well so far, and I will give updates later, but there’s still time for some readers to try and implement it (if they haven’t already).

It involves two tools.  First, the Kamea of Mercury:

Kamea of Mercury

The second is the seal of Mercury:

Seal of Mercury

You can do your own exploration into the descriptions and origin of the Kamea and Seal and other planetary stuff; right now I’m giving the quick and dirty.  The Kamea can be used as a focus for the energies of Mercury.  It’s a useful thing to have as an empowered talisman, as who wouldn’t want to call on the blessings of Mercury: good fortune, communication, financial success, mobility, and more.

However, according to my seekrit sources (the friends who introduced me to this practice, in other words) if you have an empowered Kamea during the Mercury retrograde period it will draw in the retrograded (sorry if that word hurt you as much to read as it did for me to type) power of Mercury, which is kind of the opposite of helpful to everyone.  Which is where the Seal comes in.

The Seal serves as a dampener for the benign energies of Mercury; you can use it to slow down, stop, or reverse them them.  So, the theory goes that if you create an empowered Kamea of Mercury and then seal it with the Seal , the energy that is drawn to you is reversed.  It’s important to release and destroy the talisman later, though, because it will act like carrying a big old bag of Merc Ret around with you once the Heavens get sorted out.

So the process would go: create the Kamea and empower it and then cover it with the Seal and either carry it around or place it on your altar or somewhere that is personal and powerfully connected to you (and safe from outside influence).  I’m trying it out this Merc Ret period.  Of course, I had to get fancy about it: I created the Kamea and Seal as part of a larger talisman/working and empowered the whole shebang.  The idea for the talisman was still the same, though – draw benign Mercurial energies to me.  His specific blessings are things that are important to me in life in general (come on, communication?) but I need it more now than ever.

So far it’s been working like a dream, and I am really feeling it.  I’m sharing it here because we still have a few days left before Mercury turns around in his dance and some of you may find it useful.  I may refresh it next time it rolls around; we’ll find out.  If you’re interested check this post again later for updates and I’ll give some specifics on how the experiment turned out.

Try it out, and give a gift and praise to Mercury; he’s a good God and friend to all.


4 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Experiment – Reverse the Polarity, Cap’n!

  1. Slaps forehead. Of course! Not having this in my toolbox, I now understand why daily Hermes has been telling me, “Eagerly pray for deliverance beforehand.” Thanks to you, I’ll be better prepared next time. BTW, I’m really looking forward to your ruminations on good relations with the Olympians.


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