Iovis Optimus Maximus and Sovereignity

Iovis Optimu Maximus

Again, working with Roman Gods, today I made offering to Jove as he’s been extraordinarily helpful in financial matters and the job search.  (I was originally inspired to do so by Jason Miller‘s Financial Sorcery, but have been working on cultivating a long-term relationship with him.  This has brought the other Gods of the Roman pantheon to my attention as well, or me to theirs, it’s always hard to tell).

Jove and some other deities that I have been working with lately have been touching on an important theme: sovereignty.  “Sovereignty” has been a touchstone and a watchword for me lately as I struggle to get my life into a better place than it was.  I’ve often been told that we have far more control over any given situation than we’re likely to give ourselves credit for, and I have been trying to find the ways in which this maxim applies to my life.  So far, it’s been helpful – most of the time I’m able to turn down the bad stuff, or mitigate the bad stuff with less bad stuff (sadly, that’s far too often the best option).

So in matter financial and health-wise I’ve been trying to steer myself with the concept of sovereignty – who doesn’t want more control over their own lives?  There are so many things we can’t influence, but our own wills and choices are something that we have the most influence, if not precisely control, over.

Hail to Jove and the Four Goddesses of the Gates: Victoria, Libertas, Concordia, and Abundantia!

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