A Chant For Isis and Some Other Things

Isis Crystal Rose

(Isis by Crystal Rose, sadly her DeviantArt page is no more).

By now, if you know me, you know that my Matron Goddess is Isis.  Mother, healer, Queen of Gods and Goddess of Queens, Mighty Of Magic, with more epithets and pseudonyms than you can shake a stick at.  Today, as part of my devotional work, I’ve written a chant/meditation to use to draw closer to Her:

Light, dark, red, green,

Sun and earth, Living Queen,

green, red, light, dark,

Mighty One on ancient barque,

dark, light, green, red,

Shining wings and sun-crowned head,

Red, green, dark, light,

Source of Life in day and night,

I focused on colors that are associated with Her (using “light” and “dark” rather than “white” and “black” because I found better rhymes for them and I felt that they both encompassed and surpassed the names of the two hues).  I wove traditional names of Hers into the chant as well.  It’s meant to be read and chanted over and over in a loop, allowing each word to evoke appropriate images as it is spoken.  I hope that She accepted this offering; it certainly worked to draw me into a trance state.

I had some thoughts about Her names, also.  I’ve been having trouble recently, as a lot of people who honor Her do, because of the media’s use of Her name for a certain organization.  The fact that the organization is made up of uptight orthodox Muslims who would never associate themselves with the name of a Pagan Goddess doesn’t mean that people aren’t associating Her with it.  I’ve heard and seen people being told to downplay their devotion to and worship of Her as a result, and that just won’t do.

She is Myrianymos, after all, “The Ten Thousand Named”.  So I’m going to make an effort to use more and more of Her epithets when speaking of Her.  I’m also going to start using Her Egyptian name (Iset, or Aset, depending on who you believe re: vowels; I tend to use Iset) when writing about Her and if I am going to call her Isis in public I’ll pronounce it the Greek way (where “Isis” came from in the first place) Ees-ees.


Isis in Heiroglyphics


(Hieroglyphs for Isis)

I find myself very troubled by this association; it feels as though someone is trying to befoul the name by which I came to know the One who has guided my life and given me countless blessings, the One to whom I owe more than I can imagine.  At the same time, She has many other lovely names that deserve attention.  It would be excellent if I found that others were using those names for Her as well.  I appreciate people using other monikers for that organization, as well; hopefully we won’t need to worry about that for long in any case.

May Her wings wrap around you and your loved ones and keep you safe, and may Her light cleanse you and bless you, and through you, the world around you.  Dua Iset.


One thought on “A Chant For Isis and Some Other Things

  1. I believe someone/thing really is actively trying to befoul Her name. I don’t know that DAESH really meant to do this when they chose the Arabic name that our media has now translated into ISIL/”ISIS”, but I highly doubt it; and I also doubt that our media consciously intended to blaspheme Her. But I do think this is part of a plot that the Enemy (Ap*ph*s) is using to provoke greater hostility toward Isis and Her human companions in particular. Granted, true evil is dumber than a rock at the end of the day, since it ultimately harms itself as much as it harms everything else…but it’s been known to have its craftier moments.

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