Iovis Optimus Maximus and Sovereignity

Iovis Optimu Maximus

Again, working with Roman Gods, today I made offering to Jove as he’s been extraordinarily helpful in financial matters and the job search.  (I was originally inspired to do so by Jason Miller‘s Financial Sorcery, but have been working on cultivating a long-term relationship with him.  This has brought the other Gods of the Roman pantheon to my attention as well, or me to theirs, it’s always hard to tell).

Jove and some other deities that I have been working with lately have been touching on an important theme: sovereignty.  “Sovereignty” has been a touchstone and a watchword for me lately as I struggle to get my life into a better place than it was.  I’ve often been told that we have far more control over any given situation than we’re likely to give ourselves credit for, and I have been trying to find the ways in which this maxim applies to my life.  So far, it’s been helpful – most of the time I’m able to turn down the bad stuff, or mitigate the bad stuff with less bad stuff (sadly, that’s far too often the best option).

So in matter financial and health-wise I’ve been trying to steer myself with the concept of sovereignty – who doesn’t want more control over their own lives?  There are so many things we can’t influence, but our own wills and choices are something that we have the most influence, if not precisely control, over.

Hail to Jove and the Four Goddesses of the Gates: Victoria, Libertas, Concordia, and Abundantia!


Because I’m making some offerings and doing some work with Mercury tonight, I decided that I’d do a quick post and share an amazing picture in his name and honor:

Mercury with Falcon

(From the Falcon Watch blog.)

It’s a picture of a glorious statue of Mercury in downtown Rochester (the city that I live in) with the moon behind him, and yes, a falcon perched on his upraised hand.

Hail to Mercury, friend of man, he of the winged sandals, faster than thought, master of the marketplace!

A Chant For Isis and Some Other Things

Isis Crystal Rose

(Isis by Crystal Rose, sadly her DeviantArt page is no more).

By now, if you know me, you know that my Matron Goddess is Isis.  Mother, healer, Queen of Gods and Goddess of Queens, Mighty Of Magic, with more epithets and pseudonyms than you can shake a stick at.  Today, as part of my devotional work, I’ve written a chant/meditation to use to draw closer to Her:

Light, dark, red, green,

Sun and earth, Living Queen,

green, red, light, dark,

Mighty One on ancient barque,

dark, light, green, red,

Shining wings and sun-crowned head,

Red, green, dark, light,

Source of Life in day and night,

I focused on colors that are associated with Her (using “light” and “dark” rather than “white” and “black” because I found better rhymes for them and I felt that they both encompassed and surpassed the names of the two hues).  I wove traditional names of Hers into the chant as well.  It’s meant to be read and chanted over and over in a loop, allowing each word to evoke appropriate images as it is spoken.  I hope that She accepted this offering; it certainly worked to draw me into a trance state.

I had some thoughts about Her names, also.  I’ve been having trouble recently, as a lot of people who honor Her do, because of the media’s use of Her name for a certain organization.  The fact that the organization is made up of uptight orthodox Muslims who would never associate themselves with the name of a Pagan Goddess doesn’t mean that people aren’t associating Her with it.  I’ve heard and seen people being told to downplay their devotion to and worship of Her as a result, and that just won’t do.

She is Myrianymos, after all, “The Ten Thousand Named”.  So I’m going to make an effort to use more and more of Her epithets when speaking of Her.  I’m also going to start using Her Egyptian name (Iset, or Aset, depending on who you believe re: vowels; I tend to use Iset) when writing about Her and if I am going to call her Isis in public I’ll pronounce it the Greek way (where “Isis” came from in the first place) Ees-ees.


Isis in Heiroglyphics


(Hieroglyphs for Isis)

I find myself very troubled by this association; it feels as though someone is trying to befoul the name by which I came to know the One who has guided my life and given me countless blessings, the One to whom I owe more than I can imagine.  At the same time, She has many other lovely names that deserve attention.  It would be excellent if I found that others were using those names for Her as well.  I appreciate people using other monikers for that organization, as well; hopefully we won’t need to worry about that for long in any case.

May Her wings wrap around you and your loved ones and keep you safe, and may Her light cleanse you and bless you, and through you, the world around you.  Dua Iset.

Imbolc 2015

I talk a lot about White World and Green World, because to me the world is so completely different during winter months than it is during the months that water is actually liquid at the ambient temperature.  Winter, or White World, has always felt like an alien and hostile environment to me.  It demands a level of fear and respect that the balmy warmth of Green World does not (if you can’t tell, I’m a native of Green World).

A lot of Pagans claim that they feel disconnected from Imbolc, that they don’t “get” it.  In the climate that I live in, late January and early February are the coldest time of year, the absolute nadir.  A festival promising the return of the light and celebrating the fires that keep us alive during the coldest times only makes sense to me.

Last night our Protogrove had a splendid Imbolc ritual.  It was only our second rite as an official Protogrove, and the first one that was run by our member Barbara.  Given that our Protogrove has a lot of interest in both the Norse and the Irish Hearth Cultures, we’ve decided to split the wheel between the quarters (where we do Norse rites) and the cross-quarters (which end up being Celtic).  This makes sense from a historical standpoint as well, as there is more evidence of and known history of Norse practices for the solstices and equinoxes, and Celtic ones for the cross-quarters.

This Imbolc was dedicated to Brighid, as many that I’ve attended in the past have been.  Brighid is a Gaelic goddess who is a master healer and smith, who possesses power over flames and inspiration.  In our rite we offered to Balor to keep him and the Outdwellers at bay and Danu as Earth Mother.  Brighid was what we in ADF like to call the “Deity of the Occasion”, our special guest of honor.  We read poetry and lit candles, made oaths, sang our inspiration, and made Brighid’s crosses (some of which we offered to her, others that we had blessed with the sacred water to hang as apotropaic amulets in our homes), all in offering to her.

Revering and acknowledging the inner fire when things are coldest and darkest seems like a natural reaction to the cycles of the world.  For someone who lives in a climate like mine, it’s a necessary reminder that all is not lost, the sun will rise again, and soon White World will wash away and Green World will show its face again.