The Ár nDraíocht Féin Dedicant’s Path

So in this post I’m going to talk a little about the ADF Dedicant’s Path, because at least one thing that I will be doing regularly on this blog is adding postings relevant to it.

Ár nDraíocht Féin is a pagan church and organization.  It emphasizes lore and scholarship and embraces all pantheons and cultures that are results of the Proto-Indo Europeans, from the Vedic cultures of the Indus Valley to the Celtic and Norse cultures of Europe.  The founders wanted a rigorous program of study for the clergy, one that other organizations would admire and seek to pursue as well.

The Dedicant’s Path is a course of study and practice that opens the way to the rest of the organization; once you’ve completed it you can move on to the Clergy or Initiates’ programs, or join a Guild or Order.  You don’t need to complete the Dedicant’s work to be a lay member, but you do if you plan on advancing in the organization and finding further training.

It was a boon to me to find a course of self-regulated, structured study; I haven’t had anything like that since my time in college.  I was encouraged to join by my (non-Indo European) Matron Goddess, Isis, at a time when I was feeling a lack of community and path.  This certainly fulfilled my need, as now I’m a Grove Organizer and have more community nationally and worldwide than I can handle sometimes.

Anyway, some of the requirements of the Dedicant’s Path include essays on the organization’s virtues, holy days, required reading, and other pertinent subjects.  I will be sharing some of them here, under the Dedicant’s Path tag and other appropriate tags.  I hope that you find as much value in reading them as I did in writing them.


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